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My First Post

My Cuttlebug had to be in mint green, of course.

In December of 2016, I finally finished a graduate degree that had taken up an enormous amount of my life (more than 6 years!), and I found myself longing to jump headfirst into the hobbies that I’ve only been able to dabble in from time to time. One of my biggest obsessions has been working with paper in various forms – scrapbooking to start, and now card-making, and hopefully in the near future, bigger and more intricate paper crafts.  I’ve been so excited to finally have this time back that I bought my first real crafting machine over the Christmas holidays: the Cuttlebug in Mint, pictured above.  I also realized I wanted a way to document the projects I make so if I ever want to repeat them, I can have an archive, and having a blog is the perfect way to archive publicly so that others can see and comment on my work. Ultimately, I want to build a space for creativity to blossom at least for myself, but hopefully for lots of other people too.

Enjoy, and blessings on a new year!